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Tanita Body Fat Monitors

Tanita Body Fat Scales
Models starting at $69.95
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!
Accurately measuring both your weight and body fat percentage is as easy as stepping on an ordinary bathroom scale!   Several models to choose from -- one for every need and price range.

bathroom scales

Tanita Bathroom Scales
starting at just $37.95!
Both solar and digital bathroom scales. Great looking and economical Tanita quality bathroom scales.

Tanita Digital Kitchen Scales Tanita Multi-Purpose Digital Scales / Kitchen Scales
Starting at $64.95
Kitchen scales suitable for general household & cooking use. Complete with convenient detachable plastic bowls.
Pocket Scales / Jewelry Scales
Tanita 1212 pocket scales Tanita Professional Jewelry Scales / Pocket Scale / Mini Scales
from $69.95
Several digital pocket scales and mini scales to choose from in with a range of features, weighing modes, capacities and graduations
Food Service
Tanita 1458N food scales 1458N-Series Multi-Purpose Digital Food Scales
Capacities from 1000 g to 2000 g (or 35 oz to 70 oz). Features non-corrosive, all stainless steel construction and tare function.

- Capacity: 1000 or 2000 g
- Readability: 1 or 2 g
- Also reads in ounces

Price: $179.95

Tanita KD-200 digital scales Tanita KD-200 Electronic Digital Scale
SPECIAL!! Now from $79.95!!!
6 different digital scales to choose from with capacities from 1000 g (35 oz) to  5000 g (11 lb). Features include 2000 hour battery life, and removable washable platform. Unaffected by water and humidity.

- Capacity: 1000 to 5000 g
- Readability: 1 to 5 g
- Also reads in lbs/oz
- 800 hour battery life
- Splash proof
- Tare weighing

from $79.95

Tanita BWB digital medical scales BWB-Series and WB-Series Electronic Digital Medical Scales
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!
(BWB-800 shown)
Medical scales designed for fitness & sports clubs, hospitals, schools, physician's office and clinics. Accuracy with more than 100,000 uses guaranteed

- Capacity from 440 to 600 lbs
- Readability: 0.2 lbs
- Some models legal for trade

from $599.00

Tanita baby scales Tanita Digital Baby Scales
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!
Several different digital baby scales to choose from - both digital and mechanical models with a wide variety of features, capacities and graduations.

- Capacities from 24 to 44 lbs
- Readability from 0.1 oz

from $279

Specialty Medical
Tanita Professional Body Fat Monitors Tanita Professional Body Fat Monitors
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!
Measures body fat, body weight, BMI, lean body mass, hydration and more. Perfect for clinic, physician's office and health clubs.
from $745

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